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January 2012 Cancer Career Horoscope

Taking care of business

Partnerships are essential to your professional success this month. How you work with and present yourself to co-workers and customers may determine whether or not you're happy at your job. The reason is that the life-giving Sun spends January in your two primary relationship houses. These areas of the chart put you in situations where cooperation and negotiating skills could be critical.

The Sun's transit of stern Capricorn lasts until January 20, perhaps attracting demanding individuals. Yet looking for sympathy is not going to be as helpful as toughening up and taking care of business. Setting aside your feelings isn't your style, but it may be what's needed to make the best deals or earn the respect of others.

One exception is the Full Moon in Cancer on January 9, when your emotions will be very strong. If you're prepared, though, this can be an excellent time to be in the spotlight. The warmth and power of your personality can be very convincing to others. Yet if you fall into self-pity mode, complications are bound to arise. Take a step back to gather yourself, if needed, rather than trying to push ahead when you're worn out or emotionally spent.

Seek out innovative individuals to align yourself with when the Sun moves into experimental Aquarius on January 20. They can stimulate new ideas while challenging you to re-examine your traditional ways of getting things done. Methods and systems that were adequate in the past may be due for updating, requiring you to alter your work habits.