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June 2012 Cancer Career Horoscope

From rest to rebellion

Taking your time before making a meaningful professional move is a good idea this month. June starts with the Sun in jumpy Gemini and your 12th House of Seclusion. While this is excellent for stepping back from the pressure of your daily activities to take a longer-term view of your future, it's not an easy transit for getting or maintaining attention. Yet if you're comfortable workout outside the spotlight and use the first three weeks of June for some moments of rest and reflection, you will be refreshed and recharged for your career.

On June 7, cerebral Mercury enters your sign to stimulate your thinking. You might not be able to put your thoughts into words right away, but just let your mind go where it wants and you'll find out some very useful information about your needs and interests.

On June 11, Jupiter begins its 12-month residency in your 12th House of Privacy, which can prove rewarding when you're in a support position rather than being the visible leader. You might earn and learn more by being in the background on a great project than being the person who visibly runs the show.

On June 20, the New Moon in Gemini lands in your 12th House of Privacy, where it stirs up memories and reawakens forgotten dreams. These may present some interesting options, maybe even more than you can use. Yet the Sun entering your sign later on June 20 signals your readiness to choose a single path and leap into action. Just be calm and patient on June 29, when restlessness and rebellion are in the air.