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March 2012 Cancer Career Horoscope

Proceed with caution

March begins with the Sun in imaginative Pisces and your 9th House of Faraway Places and Higher Education. Your career can benefit from out-of-town connections and from additional learning. The key to working with Pisces energy, though, is that you have to be inspired by what you do. Without that all you get is tired in this most sensitive sign of the zodiac. It's possible that charitable work will prove beneficial by giving your spirits a boost or connecting with someone who can help you professionally.

Clarity is essential with the Full Moon in precise Virgo on March 8. It falls in your 3rd House of Information, where factual errors and misstatements could be costly. Don't let yourself be pressured into saying things or taking on new tasks for which you don't feel qualified. It's better to ask for help than to plunge into water above your head when you haven't had swimming lessons.

In fact, the Aries Sun fires into your 10th House of Career on March 19, which can increase your sense of urgency. Whether it's coming from others trying to get more production out of you or from your own desire to advance your career, cautious steps are recommended. The New Moon in this part of your chart on March 22 is rich with brilliant ideas, but if you don't lay down a solid foundation in which to plant them, even the best and smartest concepts will not take root. Doubling back to do further research takes time, but is worth the patience and effort required.