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October 2011 Cancer Career Horoscope

Step back to review your goals

Taking care of your personal life could be the key to either keeping your career on track or moving it in a more desirable direction. October starts with four planets in harmonious Libra and your 4th House of Roots.

While this could indicate that you've got to put more attention on your home and family or that you're just feeling like taking it easy, it's really about finding peace in yourself so you can step back and evaluate your long-term goals. It's possible you could think about radically altering your work, perhaps even considering your own business. Starting up something as a sideline while you keep your main job might be appealing.

On October 8 alluring Venus moves into your fashionable 5th House of Romance and Play, which is good for showing off your creativity and impressing others with your charm. Don't rely on instinct to guide your actions because careful thought and planning will produce a much better outcome than making it up as you go along.

Mental Mercury enters this part of your chart on the October 13 and the Sun follows suit on October 23. But before you're ready to dig into projects with greater passion, the pioneering Aries Full Moon on October 11 will play its hand. This illuminating event occurs in your 10th House of Career where it can trigger fresh ideas for your current job or inspire you to take chances in pursuit of something different. This could, though, trigger a crisis with a boss, but if you can keep from getting overly emotional, it can lead to more exciting responsibilities.