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September 2011 Cancer Career Horoscope

Find Your Inspiration

You're someone who is usually quite concerned about security and, therefore, are reluctant to take chances in your professional life. While you're unlikely to do anything too risky this month, it's quite possible that a bit of restlessness might provoke you to think about seeking other employment opportunities. The astrological trigger for this is the magical Pisces Full Moon on September 12. This lunar opposition to the Sun in practical Virgo and your shortsighted 3rd house falls in your 9th House of Faraway Places. Dreams of working in a more expansive environment, even another country, can fire your imagination. This might also open your mind to fresh concepts that can be applied in your current position. The Full Moon is also a signal that additional education could make a major difference in your professional future. A key to cashing in on the awareness of this event is inspiration. When your work aligns with your creative, compassionate or social interests, you're more likely to do well in it.

On September 23, the Sun enters equitable Libra and your 4th House of Roots. This transit, lasting about a month, is excellent for taking a more objective look at your past. Being able to step outside of your emotions will help you recognize patterns that were not noticeable before and which can free you from outmoded concepts that may be holding you back. This solar move is also a reminder of the importance of relationships, both for making you happy at home and for strengthening your status on the job.