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December 2011 Capricorn Career Horoscope

Can't get no satisfaction

It's a good thing you're a down-to-earth person because you may encounter a stiff challenge on December 1. Venus in Capricorn joins dark Pluto then, which can arouse mistrust, feelings of abuse or being underappreciated by others. It's natural to simmer with resentment if you've been betrayed, yet this transit can force you to examine your working relationships. Are you overly dependent upon others? Or are you trying to do too much alone? There's a change in the way you deal with people and your responsibilities that may be the key to resolving this dilemma. It's wise, though, to be your strategic self by patiently planning your next move instead of impulsively rushing into action.

The Sun is slinking in the shadows of your 12th House of Secrets until December 22, so staying in the background makes more sense until then. In fact, communicative Mercury is retrograde until December 10, muddling messages and delaying the flow of information, which is another reason to take your time. Yet even after it turns direct and data moves more easily, the last part of the month is complicated by some solar aspects that can create chaos and spur power struggles.

The Sun in your well-organized sign slams into a stressful square with revolutionary Uranus on December 22 that's likely to spring some surprises -- you could be itchy and impatient for action then. But on December 29 the Sun joins potent Pluto and can arouse fear or intensify desires. Either way, it's a signal that professional satisfaction may require some powerful changes during the year ahead.