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July 2012 Capricorn Career Horoscope

Think outside the box

There could be a major shift in your professional life this month with the emotional Full Moon in your sign on July 3. Normally this event can get your feelings flowing and push you into the spotlight. This could happen again, but the situation is complicated by potent Pluto's conjunction to the Moon and radical Uranus' stressful square to it.

This is explosive energy that can lead to a blow-up on the job. If you're ready to walk out the door, the temptation to do so should be very strong. But you can also use this intense force to propel your career in a totally different direction. Take some time to think outside the box and you might come up with an original idea or two.

On the same day, assertive Mars enters diplomatic Libra and your 10th House of Career. This could be helpful if you're in a leadership position or seeking one. Launching a new project might also benefit from the warrior's planet's energetic boost. However, if you come on too strong you might lose the support of others, so remember to consider their feelings and be willing to compromise if that's what it takes to keep the team on your side.

On July 17-18 Mars aligns favorably with Jupiter to expand your vision and inspire optimism, yet tense Martian alignments with Pluto and Uranus can spur extreme behavior or kick up major complications. The Sun's shift into expressive Leo on July 22 occurs in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, making it invaluable to have strong and creative allies.