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June 2012 Capricorn Career Horoscope

Stay on your toes

Your job (or your search for one) is even more of a priority than usual this month, with the Sun in your 6th House of Employment until June 20. The upside is that you might find some inspiration there that spurs your creativity and leadership skills. However, a challenge is that this solar transit is in jittery Gemini, a sign that tends to avoid sticking to standard procedures.

You tend to do your best when you're clear about the rules and operate in an orderly manner. But Gemini is not systematic, which can keep you on your toes (or pulling out your hair) as conditions can change very quickly. Adaptability, then, is a major asset that will save your sanity and produce the best results. You could feel like you're juggling several balls in the air and lack the control you need to feel comfortable.

The adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon on June 4 is a Lunar Eclipse in your secretive 12th House, which can sideswipe you with unexpected revelations. Respecting confidentiality and keeping your own thoughts private could help to avoid embarrassment.

June 13 could be a favorable day when you can keep at least one foot solidly on the ground. The expressive Sun forms a favorable 120-degree trine with your responsible ruling planet Saturn to provide a temporary sense of order.

On June 20 the Sun shifts into Cancer and your 7th House of Others, putting greater emphasis on working relationships and the general public. With the exception of a couple of days around June 29, this is a favorable period of building alliances.