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November 2011 Capricorn Career Horoscope

Creative juices

Stepping back and taking a longer-term view of your professional situation will provide some valuable insights this month. You are a doer who doesn't like to live in a dream world of unfounded hopes and theories, but doing some creative thinking now can radically alter your plans for the future. The source of this shift is the movement of two planets into philosophical Sagittarius, a sign that's more about letting imagination run wild than limiting ideas by practical considerations. Mental Mercury and attractive Venus enter Sagittarius on Nov. 2, which is in your behind-the-scenes 12th House of Shadows. On one level these transits are about secrecy and conversations that are meant to be kept confidential. Be very careful about gossip and sharing information that shouldn't be made public. But these transits can also launch your mind into a creative stratosphere that's very far from your usual down to earth nature. Still, it's smart to let yourself dream because you can find inspiration and ideas that can be scaled down and turned into reality.

In fact, the Full Moon on Nov. 10 falls in your 5th House of Creativity, which is another source of original concepts. On the same day, energetic Mars enters competent Virgo and your 9th House of Education and Travel, suggesting that building the skills you need to achieve your goals requires additional training. On Nov. 26 charming Venus enters Capricorn and your 1st House of Personality, which enhances your artistic and social skills and should make you more appealing to others.