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December 2011 Career Horoscope

Leap, but also look

The last month of the year is not usually the ideal time to make a serious professional move. Yet even in the midst of holiday planning and activities there are two astrological signals that favor new career-related activities and ideas.

On December 10, the innovative planet Uranus stops dead in its tracks and begins moving forward in the zodiac for the first time since July 9. This should take unconventional concepts that have been simmering on the back burner and start turning up the heat. Thinking outside the box is favored by revolutionary Uranus, so let your mind wander into impractical territory that can give birth to breakthroughs at work. Looking without leaping, though, is not recommended.

Another forward push comes from the end of mental Mercury's backward (retrograde) cycle on December 13. Information should start to flow more easily, although this turn in boundless Sagittarius can spur exaggeration and promises that can be hard to keep. This is another reason to do some serious thinking and careful research before making any bold moves.

The temptation to seek out other sources of income is boosted by the possibility of financial issues arising on December 1. Venus, the planet of self-worth, is in hard-nosed Capricorn where little is given without effort. It joins potent Pluto to raise desire and increase fear. Power struggles are also possible, but don't let short-term irritation undermine an important work relationship. Working harder and smarter with patience and persistence are keys to earning more money and respect.