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August 2012 Gemini Career Horoscope

Taking care of business

There is good planetary news for you this month. August starts with a Full Moon in airy Aquarius on August 1, which broadens your intellectual horizons. Possibilities for travel or doing business with people in distant places can add enthusiasm to your work life. Education is another key area with this lunation landing in your 9th House of Higher Mind. Expansive Jupiter in Gemini aligns favorably with this Sun-Moon opposition, which can give you more chances to show off your charming personality and the wide range of knowledge you have.

On August 8, your ruling planet Mercury turns direct in your communicative 3rd House of Information, which is another positive force. This one is great for finally making the connections that have been delayed or taking a trip that can be both pleasurable and profitable. Just don't let fast-talking and glibness force others to see you as being smart, but not entirely serious. Rewarding Venus enters cautious Cancer and your 2nd House of Income and Self-Worth on August 7, encouraging modesty and a conservative approach toward spending.

The key time of the month is August 15, when two hardworking planets join in your 5th House of Creativity. Active Mars and responsible Saturn join in Libra then, requiring that you have full control over any messages you send. You will be held accountable for what you say, so avoid making promises that you're not sure that you can keep. Commit to taking care of business, even if it requires more time and effort, because earning long-term trust is worth more than making a momentary splash.