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December 2011 Gemini Career Horoscope

Proceed with caution

You could have a major breakthrough this month with the Full Moon in your sign on December 10. This can intensify your emotions and provoke you to take impulsive action. Of course, this could simply be the jump-start you need to remake your career.

Putting on a new face and fresh attitude will help open doors that might have been closed to you in the past. But recognizing whose advice to take and whose to reject can be significant now. Aggressive Mars forms a stressful 90-degree square to the Full Moon from critical Virgo. This can increase nervous energy and spur fights over methods. Minor matters can explode into major conflict if you're not careful.

Another issue at this time is that your chatty ruling planet Mercury is in reverse until December 13. This three-week thrice-annual event is associated with communication delays and misunderstandings. Details tend to get muddled and technology becomes less cooperative. The messenger planet's forward turn on December 13 may get information flowing more freely, but it's still in optimistic Sagittarius and your 7th House of Others, making big promises less likely to turn into reality. Inspiring and teaching others can work well as long as you have the facts to back up what you're saying.

The holidays take on a serious tone with the Sun's entry into responsible Capricorn on December 22. This occurs in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, requiring more clarity and commitment in your professional and financial alliances. Be cautious and deliberative before making any big moves during the rest of the month.