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February 2012 Gemini Career Horoscope

Be a Winner, Not a Whiner

Your head may be in the clouds this month as you're inspired to look far beyond the present to a more desirable future. That's the heartwarming Sun in your 9th House of Higher Mind and Distant Places, which elevates your thoughts and expands your vision through February 18. You may discover that you'll need additional education to achieve these goals or that travel is a part of your professional journey.

While it's great to broaden your mind, that doesn't relieve you from meeting the obligations already on your plate. Doing a boring task or working at a level you think is below you might be one of your challenges now. Muscular Mars, the planet of action, is backpedaling in Virgo, where attending to details with as much skill and precision as possible is a must. Sure, it can be frustrating to be operating at such a basic level, but if that's what it takes to keep your income flowing, this is not the time to complain about it.

Two events on February 7, though, challenge your need to remain modest and patient. Amorous Venus, the planet of pleasure, fires into pioneering and impatient Aries and kicks up a storm of restlessness in your 11th House of Groups. You may tire of colleagues who are lethargic and lack enthusiasm, but this is your chance to be a sparkplug of fresh ideas that motivate other members of your team.

The Full Moon in audacious Leo also on that day can dramatize conversations, making minor differences seem bigger than they are. Passion is great as long as you can apply it productively now.