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March 2012 Gemini Career Horoscope

Put yourself on the line

Friends and colleagues present professional opportunities this month, but if you push too hard or move too fast, whatever's been promised may not be delivered. The source of this story is your chatty ruling planet Mercury.

The cosmic messenger races into impulsive Aries on March 2, which provokes fresh ideas and intellectual restlessness. It's too easy to become bored when your head is racing ahead in search of excitement. While this transit could open some doors, the challenge is that Mercury slows down and turns retrograde on March 12. This starts a three-week reversal cycle when information issues become common.

Missed and muddled messages and problems with equipment and travel occur more frequently. If you jump into a team project or initiate contact with an organization, it's wise to think very carefully before making any commitments. Leaving yourself an out is wiser than locking yourself into a situation that is likely to become restrictive. Putting energy into strengthening existing professional relationships and finishing uncompleted tasks should be priorities.

Another key issue this month is that the Sun is in your 10th House of Career until March 19. This can pile more responsibility on your shoulders, but it might also earn you more respect and recognition. Making sacrifices for your job may be necessary, which is fine as long as you calculate the cost. Going the extra mile can be exhausting, but if you are inspired by the tasks you're facing, you have more to gain by putting yourself on the line than by holding yourself back.