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May 2012 Gemini Career Horoscope

Rest, relax and reflect

Taking a step back from your immediate circumstances will put your work life in a new perspective this month. The month begins with the Sun in your obscure 12th House of Privacy where it will remain until May 20. This is not ideal for getting the recognition you desire or for launching projects.

If you're feeling overlooked, don't push harder for attention as it's unlikely to be worth the effort. Instead, use this time to rest, relax and reflect on your past accomplishments and future goals. Long walks and meditative moments will reduce the stress of current problems and provide you with the mental space you need to establish a different strategy or a new set of goals.

Attractive Venus turns retrograde in your sign on May 15, and will backpedal in Gemini for the following six weeks. This can also slow your progress or scatter your attention. Instead of tackling major work issues head on, this is a good time to complete minor matters that don't require consistent focus and attention.

On May 20 the Sun enters your sign, which should pull you out of the shadows. The subsequent 30 days are excellent for showing off your verbal and social skills. You're able to present your ideas with passion and power, especially after May 24 when your ruling planet Mercury enters Gemini. There is some risk, though, of making a great case for an unrealistic idea. Just because someone is willing to buy it doesn't mean that you should be selling it.