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September 2011 Gemini Career Horoscope

Tie Up Loose Ends

Spending time dealing with petty details can seem, well, petty, but could be critical to your work life this month. September starts with the Sun in analytical Virgo and your 4th House of Security where it will stay until September 23. Tying up loose ends, attending to maintenance issues and developing your skills are all especially important now.

Mercury, your brainy ruling planet, starts the month in bold and creative Leo, inspiring big talk and big ideas in your communicative 3rd house. Then, on September 8 it opposes slippery Neptune, which can inspire imagination but also produce confusion, before settling into practical Virgo until September 25.

Career issues could reach a critical point around the Pisces Full Moon in your professional 10th house on September 12. If you've been avoiding issues, this lunation could bring them into the open. An emotional overflow may leave you at a loss for words but has the benefit of pushing you past rationalizations to tap into what you really feel. Although a sense of being drained or overwhelmed is possible, this transit can also give rise to a more inspiring vision of your future. Taking some time to dream about what you most desire may not lead to immediate changes but can open the door to a more fulfilling job down the road.

The Sun shifts into equitable Libra and your expressive 5th house on September 23 and is followed into this outgoing part of your chart two days later. Your charm, social skills and ability to present ideas in an entertaining manner should serve you well.