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January 2012 Career Horoscope

Love your work

The New Year is always a good time to think about professional matters because it starts with the Sun in ambitious Capricorn. This self-motivated earth sign supplies discipline, organization and commitment to help us achieve our goals. It's helpful to aim high as long as those lofty goals are backed up with research and hard work that make them achievable.

There is a bit of competitiveness in Capricorn that can sometimes inhibit cooperation. If uncertainty about colleagues is an issue, it's likely to come to a head around the Full Moon in Cancer on January 9. This sensitive and self-protective sign can bring insecurities to the surface. However, balancing strong feelings with inner strength can avert a crisis and turn worry into a source of motivation.

The Sun shifts into idealistic Aquarius on January 20, which should soften the hard edges of Capricorn's driving ambition. Getting along with teammates and working for a cause can bring more harmony and provide a higher sense of purpose. Finding meaning in whatever job one does can be worth almost as much as money and recognition from others.

On January 23, however, assertive Mars turns retrograde in pragmatic Virgo. The action planet's reversal will last until April 13, requiring us to tighten up systems and complete unfinished tasks. Launching new activities may be more difficult during this period. Being super organized and efficient is a must because minor mistakes could turn into major hassles if we are careless. Yet polishing up old skills is a potential benefit of this Mars retrograde cycle.