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July 2012 Career Horoscope

Think outside the box

The Full Moon in professional Capricorn on July 3 could shake professional lives. This lunation is joined by transformative Pluto and squared by electrifying Uranus, which can toss a monkey wrench into one's work life. Battles with bosses, dealing with debt and encountering doubts about the future can provoke strong and sudden reactions. It's totally appropriate to think outside the box and consider a radical shift -- even a complete change of vocation.

Yet the bigger the idea, the more important it is to think it through carefully. Taking a more strategic approach is also important because assertive Mars enters diplomatic Libra on the same day. Ideally, this is useful for making new contacts or smoothing out old ones. Yet if one is tempted to compromise too much, a strong reaction is likely to occur in the middle of the month.

Mars forms stressful aspects with Pluto and Uranus on July 17-18, which could trigger rash behavior. Happily, wise Jupiter forms a favorable trine with Mars on July 17, which might provide a cooler perspective that allows us to recognize the consequences of our actions.

The need to temper remarks is underscored by communicative Mercury's retrograde turn on July 14. This initiates a three-week reversal period when mistakes and misstatements are more common. Retooling old creative ideas, though, is a potential positive during this period.

On July 22, the Sun enters expressive Leo, which favors strong personalities and imaginative projects. The key is to temper enthusiasm with a willingness to work out the details necessary to make any big dreams come true.