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June 2012 Career Horoscope

One step at a time

Trying to catch up with unfinished work is a major theme this month. Active Mars in efficient Virgo is just getting back to normal speed after its late January through mid-April retrograde period, and we're still dealing with Venus retrograde until June 27. The reverse run of this sociable planet can complicate professional relationships. Scattered attention and careless work will cut credibility and slow production, so try to stay focused on one task at a time.

That's not easy with the Sun in jittery Gemini until June 20, when little conversations turn into lengthy discussions that stimulate minds with bright ideas that aren't always practical. A Lunar Eclipse on June 4 occurs in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius where big promises that float like giant balloons may be punctured with reality and fall to the ground. It's better to let go of unrealistic schemes now than to waste time and effort on pie in the sky projects.

A bit of common sense may come with mental Mercury's shift into cautious Cancer on June 7. Communications grow more sensitive and personal, but at least we'll be speaking from our hearts. A significant shift in opportunities starts on June 11, when visionary Jupiter leaves earthbound Taurus and soars into airy Gemini, where it will scatter seeds of career possibilities during the next 12 months. The challenge is to filter through them to concentrate on one project at a time.

The Sun's shift into Cancer on June 20 should help, yet harsh solar aspects with volatile Uranus and provocative Pluto can spur power struggles on June 29.