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April 2012 Leo Career Horoscope

Take your time

Travel and education could be keys to your career for the first three weeks of April. The Sun is in fellow fire sign Aries and your 9th House of Higher Learning and Faraway Places, energizing you for broadening your mind and doing business with people in distant locations.

Delicate discussions may be necessary around the accommodating Libra Full Moon that falls in your communicative 3rd House of Information on April 6. Deciding how much compromise and waiting are necessary and when to just push ahead independently could be critical then.

Yet even if you get the go-ahead, it's smart to advance slowly and carefully. That's because initiating Mars is still moving retrograde (backward) until April 13. Once this shift occurs you should be able to make faster progress. The warrior planet is in fastidious Virgo, which can reward you when your techniques and tools are impeccable. So sharpen your tools to improve your game!

On April 20 the Sun enters earthy Taurus and your 10th House of Career, which can put you in the spotlight. It's a good time to exercise your leadership abilities, especially if you operate with care and confidence rather than rushing or getting too rah-rah. It's not what you say that counts; it's the example you set that will set you apart. If you're thinking of changing jobs or your line of work, be sure you've studied the situation carefully before you make a move. The fastest is not always first, which is a reminder to take your time.