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August 2012 Leo Career Horoscope

Realize your potential

The Sun in your sign should boost your confidence and raise your public profile this month. But if you have an important move to make, you might want to wait until August 8, when communicative Mercury starts moving forward again. It's been backpedaling in your sign since mid-July, which can complicate conversations and delay the flow of information.

Still, you could be tempted to act impulsively with the August 1 Aquarius Full Moon landing in your 7th House of Partners. Expansive Jupiter's favorable alignment to this Sun-Moon opposition inspires you with fresh ideas, as well as the encouragement of friends and colleagues. Give yourself some time to let these concepts sink in because you don't want to waste opportunities to make an impression by acting hastily.

The importance of taking yourself seriously enough to work with patience is underscored by a powerful conjunction of Mars and Saturn on August 15. The union of these hard-working but contrasting planets may place obstacles directly in your professional path. Brute force won't help, but persistence and commitment can provide you with the skills and the status needed to take the next step up the ladder. If you're frustrated, talk to a mature person who will help you find a broader perspective on the situation.

The New Moon in your sign occurs on August 17, which should juice you up with creativity. The favorable alignment of this event with the recent Mars-Saturn conjunction can provide the perfect balance of enthusiasm and engagement that allows you to do the long, hard work it takes to realize the potential of a professional dream.