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February 2012 Leo Career Horoscope

Keep Your Cool

Working well with people can make the difference between success and frustration this month. That's because February starts with the Sun, your expressive ruling planet, in Aquarius and your 7th House of Others. This can be useful for going public with a project, reaching out to new people or strengthening your current working relationships. But this can also attract unconventional and independent people who may stretch your boundaries. Keeping an open mind and maintaining your cool could be essential to keeping the peace.

Your desire to run the show increases with the Full Moon in your strong-willed sign on February 7. You can get plenty of attention then, but you want it to be for the right reasons. Generosity, creativity and warm personality help you make a favorable impression that can overcome the resistance of a skeptical person.

An extra dose of sensitivity is called for when the Sun enters tender Pisces and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on February 18. You may have to deal with insecure individuals or dreamers who can't back up their ideas with facts. But coming down hard on others isn't going to win you any prizes, so do your best to be kind without putting yourself in a position where you have to cover for a colleague's weaknesses. If working alliances grow too difficult, don't be shy about seeking advice. It's better to express your need for help than to wear yourself out and waste your time in an untenable situation.