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January 2012 Leo Career Horoscope

Invest in the future

January starts with the Sun -- your expressive ruling "planet" -- in stern Capricorn and your 6th House of Service. You may feel confined by your duties and bored by your work routine, yet this is really a test of your commitment. You may have to put out a great deal of effort without getting immediate recognition for all that you do. However, think of this as an investment in your future, especially if you're sharpening old skills or learning new ones.

In fact, efficient Mars in Virgo is stuck in your 2nd House of Resources until early July, which keeps your wheels spinning if you don't develop your talents. But if you are into learning, the degree of competence in your current field or for a new one can grow considerably this year. You may need to be humble and modest at times, but satisfying yourself by enhancing your abilities can be a great, albeit private, reward.

A favorable turn comes on January 20 when the Sun leaves the bottom half of your chart and moves above the horizon. This is your 7th House of Others, opening new alliances and creating more opportunities for getting public attention. Cooperation is a key to your success during the month the Sun is in this zone. Yet it's in Aquarius, where you tend to attract strong-minded individuals. Do your best to think clearly instead of allowing your ego or pride to blur your perceptions. Intelligence is always an asset, but making smart choices then is especially important.