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June 2012 Leo Career Horoscope

Play well with others

Teamwork is your ticket to professional success this month. June begins with the Sun in communicative Gemini and your 11th House of Groups. Your ability to get along with others can make a major difference in your on-the-job activities. If you're seeking employment, talk to your friends, ex-colleagues and members of a club, church or other organization.

Confidence is always a great thing, except that it could come across as arrogance if you're not careful around June 4. There's a Full Moon in outgoing Sagittarius that falls in your expressive 5th House of Self-Expression. This is useful for making presentations and showing off your creativity. However, it's also a Lunar Eclipse that can clip your wings if others perceive you as being too full of yourself. In fact, letting go of a pet project or plan might be necessary as a result of this unique event.

On June 7, chatty Mercury swims into watery Cancer, making conversations more sensitive. This transit occurs in your secretive 12th House of Privacy, perhaps giving you inside information that must be handled with discretion. Think twice about sharing your own ideas or stories about others that could work against your or their interests.

The diverse Gemini New Moon on June 20 might attract interesting people and spur some innovative concepts. Yet spreading yourself thin is a risk under these overloaded circumstances. Later that day the Sun enters Cancer and your confidential 12th House of Secrets, making the following 30 days an ideal time to take a break from the spotlight to find some much-needed rest and time for reflection.