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April 2012 Libra Career Horoscope

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You're good at working in partnerships, which is a key issue in your career this month. April starts with the Sun in impetuous Aries and your 7th House of Others. This can either motivate you to jump-start a project with another person or find you bogged down in a battle with a pushy individual. Yet even if someone is annoying, if he or she has some good ideas and a strong dose of energy, joining forces could be a good idea.
Just don't move too quickly, because Mars (Aries' assertive ruling planet) is backpedaling until April 13. Dealing with the debris from a previous alliance may have been holding you back since late January. After April 13, however, forward progress should begin to accelerate.

You can charm your way with difficult people as your lovely ruling planet Venus enters chatty Gemini and your visionary 9th House of Faraway Places on April 3. It can inspire alternative perspectives on the future, providing you with more options than expected.

On April 6 the Full Moon in Libra can bring your emotions to the surface. It's best, of course, to use this energy to make a splash with a positive presentation, but the risk of resentment over unfair treatment is also possible. If you are having a problem, it's best to handle it discreetly. A private conversation is more likely to produce favorable results than a public confrontation that might cause someone to lose face. You could win the argument, but you'll lose the war if you put an important individual into an embarrassing situation.