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February 2012 Libra Career Horoscope

Take Some Initiative

February begins on a very creative note, offering you opportunities to use your imagination and present your ideas with style. That's because the life-giving Sun is in innovative Aquarius and your 5th House of Self-Expression, empowering your presentations with charm and intelligence. You can even come up with new ways for groups to work together or to launch new services or products.

If you're looking for a job or seeking clients and customers, showing off your personality in a cool and friendly way will work to your advantage. Your alluring ruling planet Venus shifts into assertive Aries and your 7th House of Others on February 7, further enhancing your ability to make a strong impression on people. You might, however, attract aggressive or impatient individuals so don't allow yourself to be bullied.

Picking up your intensity level and taking the initiative with people is a better way to go. Give yourself permission to push harder than usual and take some risks. Every interaction doesn't have to work for you to come out ahead in your professional life this month. Look for dynamic individuals who help to fire up your enthusiasm instead of tired plodders who bring it down.

The Sun's entry into tender Pisces on February 18 occurs in your 6th House of Employment. This shows a need for more imagination and compassion on the job. But do your best to avoid making vague commitments that tie you up with exhausting tasks that don't earn you a fair share of recognition.