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July 2012 Libra Career Horoscope

Stay cool under fire

Responsibilities pile up in your professional life for much of this month. The Sun is in your 10th House of Career, which can put you in the spotlight -- but also under pressure. A key date in career matters is July 3, when two major astrological events occur.

First, aggressive Mars, which has been rattling around your secretive 12th House since last November, finally enters your sign. This is bound to boost your energy, providing a sense of initiative that helps you push your agenda. However, if you push too hard or in the wrong places, you might not like the reaction. These are intense times in your professional life, and they require more thoughtful planning than usual.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 is in your 10th House, which should (in principle) raise your public profile. But it is conjunct provocative Pluto and in a harsh 90-degree angle with explosive Uranus. Power struggles are possible, and resentment of authority figures can come from you or be directed at you. It takes a lot of cool emotions to dampen these fires. On the other hand, if you've been thinking about making a radical shift in your work life, this might be the spark that sets it into motion.

Mars in Libra aligns favorably with enthusiastic Jupiter on July 17 t0 put more fire in your belly. Yet Mars collides with Pluto that day and Uranus on July 18 to set off unexpected chains of events. Anger is sometimes a good motivator, yet it can be so strong now that passion needs to be dampened if conflict is going to be avoided.