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March 2012 Libra Career Horoscope

Sweat the small stuff

Finding inspiration in your work is very important this month. The Sun is in magical Pisces and your 6th House of Employment until March 19, which can elevate your spirit with creativity and compassionate tasks, or wear you out with ill-defined goals and a lack of proper rest. If you can't find something that stirs your heart on the job, look for outside activities that arouse positive feelings to maintain your morale. Sacrificing yourself for the good of the team is fine as long as its goals are in alignment with your own.

Being able to present your point of view with more force and passion is needed when verbal Mercury races into assertive Aries on March 2. This transit occurs in your 7th House of Others, attracting intellectually aggressive or impatient individuals. However, it's wise to avoid allowing yourself to be rushed to meet someone else's agenda. That's because Mercury starts slowing down and comes to a stop on March 12 when it turns retrograde. This is the start of a three-week backward cycle when information either flows more slowly or when important data gets lost in the shuffle. Taking extra time to make sure that all details have been addressed is a good way to avoid confusion and complications. Backing out of agreements is another possibility, and it is your right to renegotiate your working relationships.

Your alluring ruling planet Venus sidles into easygoing Taurus on March 5, which rewards you for being solid and persistent. Bright new ideas may get your head spinning but keeping your feet on the ground is the key to making them real.