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October 2011 Libra Career Horoscope

Put finances in focus

You start out the month in full charm offensive, putting your delightful personality on display and using your people skills to get what you want. The Sun in your sign until October 23 is a confidence booster that makes it easier for you to push for whatever you desire. People may have a hard time saying no to you now. This transit can also make you a leader who brings creativity and fairness to any endeavor.

There's a significant shift of gears, though, on October 8 when your alluring ruling planet Venus leaves easygoing Libra for emotionally intense Scorpio. This sharpens your perceptions as you grow a bit more skeptical and look at the value of people, things and activities with greater scrutiny.

The bottom line, money, grows more important as getting what you want takes priority over being nice and looking good. It's not that you're going to turn into a greedy person, it's just that your capacity to seek out ways to increase your income and cut your expenses will grow. This transit happens in your 2nd House of Cash, reinforcing the message that it's time to pay closer attention to your finances.

Venus' shift into this part of your chart can help you restart a business or return to a talent or interest that you may have abandoned. Mental Mercury follows the same trail on October 13, as does the Sun on October 23. Then you'll have a trio of planets in your 2nd House of Economic Awareness, allowing you to be a better dealmaker and negotiator.