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March 2012 Career Horoscope

Hurry up and wait

One very complex planetary pattern can be the key to success or the cause of frustration in professional lives this month. Mercury, the communication planet, blazes into innovative and impatient Aries on March 2. This picks up the pace of thinking and connecting, which can be helpful for meeting new people or coming up with bright, new ideas.

However, on March 12, Mercury stops dead in its tracks and begins moving backward. This is the commencement of a three-week retrograde period during which information is more easily muddled and misunderstood. So, we're dealing with a hurry up and wait pattern. We may be anxious to get things moving, but we may need to backtrack and tidy up incomplete tasks first. Minor details, technological breakdowns and travel troubles are common during the messenger planet's retrograde period, reminding us to catch up on maintenance and double-check facts to avoid causing problems.

A very different pattern centers around March 12, when visionary Jupiter forms a favorable 120-degree trine with efficient Pluto. Strategic judgment should be good for up to a week before and after, especially when it comes to assessing resources. Old skills and contacts may resurface to be used in different ways. Even looking back on losses or failures can prove rewarding, as resurrecting Pluto pumps hopeful Jupiter with deeper understanding of previous events. If beliefs and ambitions are strong, this favorable alignment supports them with a smarter sense of where and how to expend energy and money to get even more back in return.