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May 2012 Career Horoscope

Keep it real

Slow and steady wins the race while the Sun is in patient Taurus until May 20. This easygoing Earth sign is about keeping it real and sticking to the basics. But instead of simply holding onto to what we have, a solar conjunction with giant planet Jupiter on May 13 inspires ambition.

Well-managed expansion that's rooted in a reliable plan and fueled by material resources can produce long-term professional results. This is an uncommon combination of Jupiterian vision and Taurean steadiness that rewards bold thinkers. The key, though, is to remain practical rather than leaping off in a radical new direction for which there is no training.

Fear could be a driving factor with the Full Moon in emotionally complex Scorpio on May 5. Financial issues can take on greater importance, especially related to debt. Yet if you're sure you need to invest in your career, this is a good time to move in that direction. It's vital, though, to avoid dispersing energy and resources on petty projects.

That's because valuable Venus is turning retrograde in Gemini on May 15. This initiates a six-week backward cycle when we can spin our wheels by trying to recover opportunities and working relationships that aren't worth the effort. Reconnecting with people from the past or returning to an artist or social interest, though, might be useful during this period.

The risk of scattering attention grows with the Sun's shift into diverse Gemini on May 20. Clever ideas come more easily, but carelessness or lack of follow through can turn them to dust.