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November 2011 Career Horoscope

Original thinking

The month begins with the Sun in Scorpio, a sign with an acute ability to assess people and resources. However, it often operates in negative terms by noticing what's lacking. Turning that around with creativity is essential for making the most of one's professional life now.

One way to do that is to step back from immediate issues to take a longer-term view of your career. We get some help in doing this as two fast-moving inner planets enter farseeing Sagittarius on Nov. 2. Mental Mercury and magnetic Venus provide wider fields of vision intellectually and socially. Both planets form favorable 120-degree trines with innovative Uranus on Nov. 3, which is another source of original thinking.

The reliable Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 10 helps put feet on the ground, simplify life and make it easier to recognize personal resources. A greater awareness of finances and values may rise out of a crisis, but this awakening should lead to making more sensible decisions. On the same day muscular Mars, the planet of action and methods, enters the worker-bee sign Virgo, which is also very pragmatic. Refining job skills, learning new ones and being more focused on producing excellent work are benefits of this transit.

Ambitions are fueled by high energy with a favorable Mars-Jupiter trine on Nov. 16, but a solar square to dreamy Neptune on Nov. 20 could lead to overexpansion. Stretching ourselves and being more adventurous is desirable with the Sun's entry into Sagittarius on Nov. 22, but managing details well is vital to a successful professional journey.