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October 2011 Career Horoscope

Get down to the bottom line

Relationships are more than a personal matter now and can be essential to professional success this month. October starts with the Sun in accommodating Libra, where getting along with others is the key to getting ahead.

Shoring up current alliances and building new ones can multiply effectiveness and open the way to opportunities that won't work for solo fliers. However, the shadowy side of Libra is the tendency to smile and say yes even if that doesn't reflect one's true feelings. Promises don't mean much unless they're backed up with contracts or based upon longstanding agreements.

Venus, Libra's lovely ruling planet, also starts the month in this gracious sign, but she slips into scrutinizing Scorpio on the October 8. This is when a more serious degree of accountability kicks in, which can squeeze some people out of jobs and some organizations out of deals.

Mental Mercury enters Scorpio on October 13, adding a more investigative perspective that's excellent for seeing through phony stories. Suspicion may run higher than usual with this transit and skepticism is also more common. The trick is to learn how to turn negatives into positives, and that comes from persistently seeking value in even the most difficult situations.