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April 2012 Pisces Career Horoscope

Sell yourself

If money is on your mind, pushing yourself harder is a good way to get more. April begins with the Sun in aggressive Aries and your 2nd House of Money. This innovative sign can spur you to find additional sources of income, whether with an additional job or -- more likely -- independent work you can do on your own. Investing in materials or training for a new project or line of work makes sense now.

Mental Mercury's forward turn in your imaginative sign on April 4 can get data flowing and messages returned more quickly now. Another source of fresh enthusiasm comes from Mars' direct turn on April 13. The action planet has been in reverse in your 7th House of Partners since late January, increasing the likelihood of complications with others that delay planned projects.

Mars' shift begins to free up energy that helps you sell yourself and your ideas. You may attract critical individuals who poke holes in your plans. You will need to ignore or reduce the input of negative people, yet recognize where the criticisms are valid. Learning from those who have expertise in your areas of interest may be critical to your professional success at this time.

The Sun moseys into easygoing Taurus and your 3rd House of Communication on April 19, and it is joined by the Moon there on April 22. These transits signal the importance of knowing your subject because your credibility requires them. If you don't have the facts you need at hand, don't fake it. Ask for additional time to do the necessary research to get them.