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December 2011 Pisces Career Horoscope

Pick your battles

Planets in your 10th House of Career can keep you in the spotlight for much of December. The outgoing Sagittarius Sun occupies this public part of your chart until December 22, putting more weight on your shoulders. If you are bearing more than the usual load of responsibilities, it's vital not to waste time with minor distractions.

This need is particularly important with detail-oriented Mercury wobbling through its retrograde cycle in your 10th House of Career until December 13. A tendency to miss messages, miscommunicate and leave out critical data can be countered by discipline and concentration. With value-based Venus in no nonsense Capricorn until December 20, your worth will be measured by your persistence and productivity.

On December 10 the New Moon in Gemini puts ripples of movement and possible uncertainty into your domestic 4th House of Home and Roots. Demands at home could complicate your professional life. Aggressive Mars' tense 90-degree square to the Full Moon, which is also an eclipse, could put people on edge and spur petty battles. While it's usually appropriate to stand up for yourself, recognizing the difference between an issue worth fighting for and one that's simply an annoyance can save you time, stress and wasted effort.

The Sun's connections with your modern and traditional ruling planets Neptune and Jupiter might lift your spirits and raise your ambitions from December 20-22. Nevertheless, there are several bumps in the road that require roundabout ways to advance your interests. It's probably wiser to enjoy the holidays with the plan of returning to career concerns with greater intensity in 2012.