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January 2012 Pisces Career Horoscope


Working in harmony with others is usually something you're good at and is an important way to start the New Year. The Sun is in responsible Capricorn and your 11th House of Groups until January 20, putting an emphasis on teamwork. If you're not with people you trust or if you're working for something that goes against your beliefs, this could be a challenging time. But when you think strategically and consider the big picture, you'll make healthier choices and be a more successful collaborator. If you're dealing with colleagues who lack your competence or experience, being a good teacher is a way to help the entire organization.

On January 14, sociable Venus enters Pisces, pushing your sensitivity to a higher level. Just remember you're likely to feel things that don't truly reflect others' thoughts about you. It doesn't take much to burst a bubble of self-confidence with aggressive Mars in critical Virgo opposing your sign. Assessing the comments of others in a realistic way can make the difference between feeling insecure and embattled or growing in confidence.

Don't accept aggression or act like you're responsible for someone else's anger or impatience. Regardless of how personal a job can become, this is a professional environment that requires a bit of detachment so you can address the tasks at hand at the highest level of effectiveness. You may want more time alone or appreciate privacy when the Sun enters your freedom loving Aquarius and your secretive 12th House on January 20.