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July 2012 Pisces Career Horoscope

Keep your eye on the big picture

July begins with the cuddly Cancer Sun in your 5th House of Self-Expression. Generally, this is favorable for making presentations and impressing others with your personality and your creative ideas. Sure, you might not feel fully confident, but as long as you're well prepared, there's no reason to keep your most interesting concepts to yourself. Dealing with people allows you to show off your charm and the compassion and sensitivity that engender trust.

Staying cool under heated conditions could be a challenge with the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3. This occurs in your 11th House of Friends and Colleagues, where intense emotions or a crisis could occur. In fact, rebellious feelings may arise unexpectedly as your desire for freedom increases. If you have an original notion of how to earn more money, you might be ready to abandon your current position to follow up on it. Still, it's wiser to get the big picture and then make a transition plan instead of acting impulsively.

Mental Mercury's retrograde turn in your 6th House of Employment on July 14 begins a three-week period when snafus are more likely on the job. Communication grows complicated as missing data and faulty equipment can slow you down. While double-checking facts and making sure that messages have been received reduces the likelihood of problems, this is also a period when you can resurrect old creative ideas and consider applying them to your work. Just test them carefully before fully committing yourself to using them on a regular basis.