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June 2012 Pisces Career Horoscope

Be real, but inspired

Your professional visibility should be high for the first three weeks of June. The life-giving Sun is illuminating your 10th House of Career until June 20, providing opportunities to take on new responsibilities and garner recognition for your work. It may be challenging, though, to keep up with a variety of tasks, as this transit occurs in multi-faceted Gemini. Your ability to quickly shift gears without losing focus can make the difference between fame and shame.

Your foundation could be shaken with a Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your 4th House of Roots on June 4. This could destabilize your home life or provoke deep questions about your long-term goals. If you're not on the best professional path, this event might challenge you to rethink your situation and, perhaps, seek training to enable you to enter a new field.

Communication and creativity are served when verbal Mercury enters sensitive Cancer and your 5th House of Self-Expression on June 7. Selling your ideas and making presentations work well, as long as you are solid enough in the material to let the warmth of your personality shine through.

On June 20, the Sun follows suit and enters this outgoing part of your chart. Yet a key to impressing others is presenting bold concepts in an easygoing way. Be real but inspired to make a strong impact. Your traditional and modern ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune form a fuzzy square on June 25 that's awesome for imagination but weak on facts and figures. Don't jump the gun by taking chances without reinforcing your ambitions with discipline and data.