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March 2012 Pisces Career Horoscope

Make a splash

The month begins with the Sun in your sensitive sign, which can have a couple of very different effects on your professional life. Positively, this transit can increase your self-confidence and garner more attention than usual. If you're trying to make a splash, the Sun in Pisces can help you do it. On the other hand, you could become overly self-conscious, questioning your every move and undercutting your good instincts. Clearly, you need to feel like you're in solid position before you make any major statements, moves or presentations.

Understanding the bottom line becomes very important when value-setting Venus enters earthy Taurus on March 5. This occurs in your 3rd House of Information, requiring you to have a solid grasp of the facts before making any proposals. Keeping things simple so that your message is clear is a plus now. Still, you could get quick initial responses that evoke enthusiasm but are weak on follow-through.

Mercury is turning backward on March 12, which can slow the flow of information during this three-week reversal period. Try to be patient if you're waiting for an important message and do what you can to tidy up loose ends and complete unfinished tasks. The Sun's shift into bold Aries on March 19 occurs in your 2nd House of Resources, suggesting that you might find new ways to earn money or upgrade your skills. Investing in training or equipment, though, should only be done after serious research to avoid wasting your time and money.