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May 2012 Pisces Career Horoscope

Stick to the facts

May starts with the Sun in down-to-earth Taurus and your 3rd House of Communication, which is useful for sticking to facts and making connections more easily. Mental Mercury's shift into Taurus on May 9 reinforces your capacity to express yourself in clear, simple terms. You may have to study and prepare for important conversations because they will work better when you're solidly in control of the material.

Original ideas and spontaneity are stimulating, but don't present them to others until you've worked out the basics first. This is your chance to demonstrate how reliable you can be, so shooting from the hip should be discouraged when you're trying to make an impression.

Education and travel issues could arise around the passionate Scorpio Full Moon on May 5. It falls in your 9th House of Higher Mind and Faraway Places, broadening your horizons, both culturally and intellectually. Hard-earned respect from a person with a different background or in another country could have a favorable effect on your morale.

On May 20 the Sun flits into breezy Gemini and forms the New Moon the same day. These events occur in your domestic 4th House of Roots, which can kick up distractions on the home front or reconnect you with old ideals or dreams. Your imagination can be charged by this stimulating lunation, yet your vision may exceed your grasp or a person who excites you might not be very realistic. Take time to analyze, digest and research before attempting to put any new schemes into practice.