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November 2011 Pisces Career Horoscope

Coming on strong

Thoughts of an old teacher or mentor may help guide your work-related decisions this month. The Sun is in potent Scorpio and your 9th House of Higher Learning, reminding you of useful lessons from the past or making you realize that you need further training and education to fulfill your ambitions.

There's a good deal of activity, as well, in your 10th House of Career this month. Lovely Venus and cerebral Mercury enter Sagittarius and this public part of your chart on Nov. 2. You may get more attention for your people skills, your creativity and your forward-thinking ideas. This is a time to be in sales mode by pushing harder in your current place of employment or coming on stronger in selling yourself in pursuit of a new job. Still, it's important not to over promise. Sagittarius can be overly enthusiastic and offer more than reality can provide.

On Nov. 10 there are two events that involve pragmatic Earth signs that require a solid foundation and competence to maintain your credibility. Aggressive Mars enters Virgo and your 7th House of Others, which can attract critical people. This is only useful if their advice is constructive and helps you learn instead of tearing you down. You may have to stand up and fight for yourself now, too, which needs to be done in a logical manner to be effective. The Full Moon in earthy Taurus lands in your 3rd House of Communication, which also shows how important it is to have the facts and to present them in a calm and patient manner.