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October 2011 Pisces Career Horoscope

Stay on your toes

You may need to be on your toes with colleagues and competitors when October begins. Fortunately, you're the sensitive type who is usually very tuned into others. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in your 8th House of Shared Resources, which tends to complicate your professional relationships.

You may be dependent on individuals who require special handling or who are unwilling to make a decision that's important to you. These planets are in sweet Libra, a sign that's often about smiling and being nice, but reluctant to make a tough choice, which can leave you hanging.

The first planet to move on is sweet Venus, which enters your 9th House of Learning and Travel on October 8. This could enhance work opportunities in faraway places or educational settings. The Full Moon in impulsive Aries on October 11 falls in your 2nd House of Income, which can trigger a financial crisis (hopefully not) or fire you up with a new moneymaking idea. This could provide the motivation you need to take your career in a different direction. It could be a spark to develop skills that can create employment opportunities in another field or earn you more in your current one.

Just be patient about making changes now because you've got a better chance of turning this in a rewarding direction when you take your time. Don't dawdle, but find a steady pace that could take you higher on the ladder of success (or just get you off the ground and on the first rung).