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August 2012 Sagittarius Career Horoscope

Sell your ideas

The life-giving Sun illuminates your 9th House of Higher Education and Faraway Places until August 22. This can prove beneficial for business travel, publishing and learning. If you've got ideas to sell, you should have a high level of enthusiasm that makes even the less-than-ideal ones sound pretty darn good.

Mental Mercury's forward shift in this part of your chart on August 7 can get messages flowing that have been stuck during the previous three weeks. And you start August like a house on fire, with your optimistic ruling planet Jupiter aligning favorably with the Aquarius Full Moon on August 1. Opportunities from other people are likely to be presented, but be discriminating about which, if any, you choose to accept.

Boundless Jupiter is in chatty Gemini, making ideas plentiful, but practicality is a little more difficult to find. Coming down to Earth in working alliances is appropriate when sociable Venus enters caring Cancer and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on August 7. Handling sensitive individuals requires gentleness and tact, and you might even earn trust by discreetly exposing some of your vulnerabilities to others.

The Sun enters pragmatic Virgo and your 10th House of Career on August 22, which is excellent when your skills are impeccable. If they're not, recognizing your limits will keep you from getting in over your head. Of course, an even more effective course of action is to concentrate your efforts on one subject and to get all the training you need to be an expert in it.