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December 2011 Sagittarius Career Horoscope

Think things through

You should have plenty of energy and creative ideas with the Sun in your own enthusiastic sign until December 22. There are, however, several reasons why patience and self-restraint are essential for you now.

The month starts with a conjunction between valuable Venus and manipulative Pluto in your 2nd House of Assets on December 1. You could wake up to a financial crisis or recognize that you lack other necessary resources to reach your goals. This isn't about an overnight fix; however, as a deep examination of your desires can help you set constructive priorities. You may not have to tighten your belt immediately, but to get to the next level of success could require retraining or other investments in the upcoming year. Don't let fear force you to act impulsively because the decisions you need to make are too big to rush.

Additionally, mouthy Mercury, the messenger planet, is in reverse in your sign until December 13. This retrograde period increases the tendency to overlook details, confuse and delay communication and complicate travel and technology. These are not the conditions you want for doing important work. Keeping things as simple as possible is a great way to avoid problems.

The Full Moon on December 10 is also a lunar eclipse in your 7th House of Others. Allies may prove to be less reliable now and you could find yourself overwhelmed with obligations. Carefully think through your options, make a workable decision and do your best to manage one critical task at a time.