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February 2012 Sagittarius Career Horoscope

Talk, but Listen

Spontaneous conversations and unexpected meetings could produce positive results in your professional life this month. February starts with the Sun in friendly Aquarius and your 3rd House of Communication, increasing the number of connections you make in the course of your daily life. It's helpful, though, to listen as much as you talk because this innovative sign can open your mind to new ideas and surprising opportunities. Talking with a wide variety of people might not seem fruitful at first, but think of this as a long-term investment in your career. A seemingly innocuous chat today could result in something more meaningful later.

Vibrant Venus, the planet of sociability, enters your creative and self-expressive 5th House on February 7. This occurs in dynamic Aries, the pioneering sign that encourages boldness and originality. Your capacity to earn the approval and affection of others grows as this transit makes your already sparkling personality even brighter.

Mental Mercury slips into sensitive Pisces and your personal 4th House on February 13, which adds a tender touch that is excellent for talking about delicate issues. But this is also a signal to turn inward and reflect upon your ideals and dreams. Set aside practicality when you let your mind wander, because even if your fantasies seem out of reach, they may inspire goals and projects that are achievable.

The Sun's shift into Pisces on the 18th is another source of inspiration that's better for sparking your imagination than dealing with details and other practical matters.