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May 2012 Sagittarius Career Horoscope

Stay calm in the storm

You might feel like you're stuck in a routine working situation this month. The Sun is in steady Taurus and your 6th House of Work until May 20, which could reflect your state of boredom. Yet this is a time when you can earn some respect by your reliability and capacity to stay calm under any circumstances.

It's especially important to rein in your wandering mind when intellectual Mercury shifts into earthy Taurus on May 9, because solid and safe ideas are more appreciated than speculative ones.

Secrets could be revealed with the Scorpio Full Moon in your 12th House of Privacy on May 5. If you feel charged up with emotions and don't know why, it may be your intuition reminding you to clean up a mess you made. On the plus side, this event can stir so much dissatisfaction or arouse so much creative desire that you feel empowered to transform your professional life. However, the bigger and bolder the concept is, the more time and patience is needed before you go public with it. Don't advertise your next move until you're ready to pull the trigger.

On May 15 sweet Venus begins a six-week retrograde cycle that occurs in your 7th House of Partners. Allies, customers and prospective employers may delay or back out of agreements with you. New issues arise that need to be addressed before you can realize the rewards of your connection. But this transit might also signify your desire to back out of an agreement or alter its terms to make it more appealing to you.