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September 2011 Sagittarius Career Horoscope

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You may feel like you're under a microscope at work for the first part of September. The Sun is in detail-oriented Virgo and your 10th House of Career until September 23, which can make or break you based on your capacity to operate at higher levels of efficiency. It's better to do one thing very well than to spread yourself too thin. Trying to sell others on grand dreams and schemes is not likely to be effective unless you've worked out every specific step it takes to turn them into reality. Dealing with difficult tasks in a diligent manner may not be your idea of excitement, but could be what it takes to earn respect now. Failure to manage your obligations with quiet effectiveness may undermine others' confidence in you. If you're in over your head with duties you're not able to fulfill, calling on the help of colleagues is better than trying to muddle through alone.

On September 14, 23 and 25, Venus, Mercury and the Sun shift into your 11th House of Teamwork, offering you support in your work-related efforts. Whether it's handling what's already on your plate, making a proposal or seeking new employment or customers, having the right allies can make the difference between success and failure. Yes, you can expect complications when getting others involved in your work, especially as these three planets form harsh alignments with volatile Uranus and manipulative Pluto. You may not be able to smooth out your issues completely, but a flexible attitude and willingness to keep negative opinions to yourself should get you through the rocky times.