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April 2012 Scorpio Career Horoscope

Keep your feet on the ground

You might feel like you're toiling in the pits without getting the results you want or the recognition you desire when April begins. The month starts with the pushy Aries Sun in your 6th House of Service, turning up the heat in a work situation. Although you're not afraid to put out maximum effort, you might feel frustrated due to delays and mistakes that may have been happening since late January. If so, the culprit is aggressive Mars, which has been stuck in reverse since then.

Happily, your ruling planet Mars is turning direct on April 13, freeing up energy that should allow you to advance your interests more easily in the weeks ahead. This shift occurs in your 11th House of Groups, favoring team-oriented projects that have bogged down or come to accommodation with a contentious colleague.

Additional momentum can go your way when the Sun emerges from the bottom half of your chart on April 19. This marks a solar transition into earthy Taurus and your 7th House of Others. Initiating contacts with reliable people and going public with projects each benefit from this transit.

It is vital, though, to be aligned with reliable and resourceful individuals and to have your feet solidly on the ground. If you're making a proposal or interviewing for a job, it's best to demonstrate how solid you are instead of making promises that could be hard to keep. If you're working with a stubborn person, an indirect approach will be more likely to move him or her than outright opposition.