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August 2012 Scorpio Career Horoscope

Plan for the future

You may be under a professional microscope this month, with the bright Leo Sun shining in your 10th House of Career until August 22. On the plus side, this can show off your confidence, creativity and leadership skills. Yet it's also possible that vanity could get the best of you and incite you to make promises that are hard to keep.

Mental Mercury's forward turn in this part of your chart on August 8 may get some delayed work projects moving ahead again. But this can also provoke uncharacteristically bold statements that can be hard to prove. Sure, these transits might get you thinking about starting your own business, which might be a good idea. But putting the pieces in place to make this happen or to take your current enterprise to the next level will require more time.

Your traditional ruling planet Mars joins serious Saturn on August 15, requiring some fence mending before pressing ahead with big plans. This powerful alignment occurs in the relationship sign Libra and your secretive 12th House of Privacy. Going out of your way to make peace with adversaries isn't an easy process, but it could pay dividends in the long run.

Thinking in terms of months and years to come will help you make wiser choices than making decisions based on the next few days or weeks. Assertive Mars enters Scorpio on August 23, to provide extra punch, passion and focus. Your ability to eliminate distractions and focus on the single most essential issue will contribute greatly to your effectiveness.