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December 2011 Scorpio Career Horoscope

Keep an open mind

Handling your resources with care is usually something you do well. However, December starts with mercantile Mercury moving backward in your 2nd House of Assets. This retrograde pattern continues in spendthrift Sagittarius until December 13, which can reduce your financial acuity. It may be good for you to spend more freely, especially when it's related to increasing your sense of self-worth. Still, it's wise to avoid making any major expenses during the first half of the month.

Getting along with co-workers and customers continues to be a key theme with your traditional ruling planet Mars in your 11th House of Groups. This can stir up conflict over petty matters and complicated systems. This is especially true around the Full Moon on December 10, which is a lunar eclipse in jittery Gemini. This nervous event is hyped up by Mars' tense 90-degree square to the Sun and Moon that tends to put people on edge.

The Full Moon is in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, where it can touch off delicate issues about power and control with close associates. A good deal of flexibility and tolerance for divergent points of view will help you handle potential crises successfully. Don't get lured into a debate you can't win or handle graciously.

Time at home becomes a priority when alluring Venus enters your 4th House of Home and Roots on December 20. This is an opportunity to enrich your personal life, open your mind and become inspired to think of creative new ways to approach your professional life.